Residential Project

    With over 100 successful projects in and around Bengaluru, Interio Rabbit has boldly employed a spectrum of design perspectives ranging from the modern and contemporary to the minimalistic, rustic, Scandinavian, Victorian, gothic, Zen, Balinese, Classical and Vernacular. And yes, we have a personal favorite – the minimalistic design accomplished at Mr. Shoiab Salim’s residence at Allanoville, North Bengaluru. Our projects are curated to align with the requirements of our clients, not just based on visual experience but executed flawlessly as well. What makes our curated solutions unique is the step-by-step analysis of the requirement, based on the usage of each member of the family who would love to call the project “Home”.

    Bangalore ,Karnataka


    Bangalore ,Karnataka

    Mrs Priya Basa

    Bangalore ,Karnataka

    Mr Nilesh and Kavitha

    We create spaces that resonate with the soul