How can robotic technologies be used to benefit the Interiors industry?

    Interio Rabbit Chronicles / May 7, 2022
    How can robotic technologies be used to benefit the Interiors industry?

     The application of robotics in construction has become more frequent and normal in recent times as a young and fast-growing interdisciplinary field, which has been challenging many researchers to create productive, cost efficient, and smarter machines. Although the construction industry so far has managed to develop highly productive systems without the help of robots, there are several areas of application where Robotics would impact and benefit the industry. Application of robotics in interior fitout work can produce better quality with faster production. Another application area is in hazardous work environments that would be dangerous for a human operator.  

    There are Four key requirements for the successful application of robotics in the construction industry: – increase in productivity- technological feasibility- quality improvement and – meeting the needs of the contractors or subcontractors  

    This research aims at developing construction robots which are more flexible, adjustable, and able to cope with constantly changing and dynamic construction environments. Research and development in construction robots is intended to extend present capabilities of conventional equipment to an integrated and fully automated system. An ancillary benefit of this type of research is an understanding of the key problems that need to be solved in construction and interior fitout work. 

    As with any technology, new solutions bring new challenges. One of the most serious obstacles currently facing automation in the construction industry is the integration of information. This integration must occur in a cost effective and productive manner without loss of current construction functionality. These robots represent the integration of many different ideas and technologies into one cohesive working system. The challenge of building construction robots is to integrate not only robotic components, but also of integrating construction experiences, ideas, and technology.

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