Quaren-time Goals

    Interio Rabbit Chronicles / May 20, 2022
    Quaren-time Goals

    Given these times of pandemic/ house arrest/ isolation/ time out…what have you! It seems like this extraordinary abode – in the land of all things holy – was built with the simple goal of making times of isolation, delightful!!
    J HOUSE- Pitsou Kedem Architects
    Location: HERTSLIYA, ISRAEL ArchitectsPitsou Kedem Architects Area:800.0 m²
    The J House located in the affluent city of Herzliya in the central coast of Israel. This enormous family home is a fabulous example of luxury living. With its palatial pools, verdant greenery surrounding the masses of space and amusing interiors. 
    This is an intriguing looking house that has a giant white facade with sculpted screens on the outside but hides away a sleek and spaciously crafted interior that has a lot of movable furniture which is designed to transfuse into the outdoors as well. 

    The whole house exudes style, class, and strong, unusual character becoming a portrait of the very different personalities for whom this beautiful home was built. This property, which is situated in the affluent beachfront community and so-called ‘millionaire’s playground’ of Herzliya Pituah, was designed for British businessman Steve and his Israeli wife Ossie to be their dream family home.

    The largest part of the house which is the vast living room mostly comprises of fashionable design pieces with colour compositions that are kept light and elegant – light blue, grey, and white (like the dynamic soft, low composition of furniture from Morocco) are supplemented by high-quality materials and rich textures. 

    The color compositions are kept minimalistic and subtle through out the common spaces, framed by black elements and natural wooden colour from the cladding, laid on a white base that provides an airy atmosphere. The den, which is in the heart of the house has a subdued lighting and dark furnishings that are in stark contrast with the rest of the house which is light and airy. But this is a room most men would fantasise about- with a gorgeous bar and a giant screen to watch football on. 

    While the architecture of the house itself is so dynamic and intimidating with the sheer size and verdant outdoors integrating itself inside the house, it is the statement furniture pieces that bring the courage to the house. 
    All the furniture pieces inside the house have personality and meaning. The attention to detail and aesthetic brings life and warmth to the interiors. 

    The study is one of the most unique spaces with pops of both relaxed and eccentric features. The statement pieces do contribute a great deal in maintaining the fun and uplifting energy of the house. 

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