The Virtual Advantage

    Virtual Reality (VR) is today’s buzzword – a swiftly expanding industry, straddling technology and disruptive environments with ease. VR is defined as a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image that can be interacted with, in an artificial environment. For the construction industry, Virtual Reality opens up as a tool for architects, magically altering dimensions by allowing them to be completely immersed in their designs. Clients can virtually walk into their spaces, view the designs and experience the material up close as well. They can envision the design from any and all angles, with the desired 360-degree view.

    Interio Rabbit is thrilled to be among the first in Bengaluru to offer this service to our clients and customers! Once the initial designs, mood boards and customized solutions are ready, our clients are invited to the office for a virtual tour of their homes.

      Our clients are excited and completely bought-in to the VR technology as it:

    • Ensures a step-by-step real-time experience of their homes, offices, retail or commercial spaces
    • Allows for real-time changes from wall colors to furniture choices, from textures to spaces, streamlining the design process from that point on, all the way to completion

    We create spaces that resonate with the soul