Where to find Software Developers in Eastern Europe

    Interio Rabbit Chronicles / February 3, 2023
    Where to find Software Developers in Eastern Europe

    By 2020 the number of software developers in Ukraine will reach up to 20,000. The IT industry in Ukraine is growing approximately 26% a year – and during 2019 the revenues reached $5 billion. One of the main reasons for this exponential growth depends on the high investments of the country in its tech education systems. Software developers’ salary rates in Eastern European countries let us understand that the hourly rates are also lower than those in the US, the UK, Germany, etc. For instance, the US medium hourly rate is $45-80, the UK – $30-70, and Germany – $32-75. Among the most popular programming languages used by software developers in Eastern Europe, it’s possible to name JavaScript (65.3%), HTML/CSS (55%), SQL (49,3%), and Python (48%).

    eastern europe software engineer salary

    As to the freshly created ideas the Ukrainian government created the Ukrainian Foundation which grants money to the most bright and useful ideas. The aim was to show the market of Eastern Europe from within providing vital information regarding the current salaries and getting to know the answers to the most interesting questions. The company has gathered answers for the most commonly asked questions by Western investors.

    Outstaffing Salaries for Specialist Web Technologies

    If the company decides to go offshoring they may open a new office in another country on their own or contact a vendor to do it for them. Outsourcing is when business processes are handed over to another company. Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean low cost, it often takes place when a client company needs some external expertise. It may be related to your own staff or hiring ones employed by a service provider, from another country, to perform specific tasks. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is considered a geographical center of Europe. The rapid development of the IT industry in the country significantly improved its position in the world.

    • The role of software development in our economy has grown significantly, and countries like the US, China, and India are often cited as dominant forces in this field.
    • Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend to the number for individuals pursuing remote work.
    • Yet, if you are looking for committed employees who integrate into your company’s culture, avoid these chaotic platforms.
    • Albania, for instance, has a 33% female participation rate in the IT workforce, while Lithuania and Romania also have notable levels of female participation.
    • Eastern European programmers can deliver quality IT services; have a good level of English; and live in a convenient time zone.

    Many of the 300,000 specialists in this sector work in over 2,000 IT outsourcing companies. Ukraine is currently the largest provider of software development in Eastern Europe, with a strong focus on software development, while Poland is known for its cybersecurity expertise. Eastern European tech talent is known for being cost-effective and providing a high value-for-money https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ service. Unity is considered to be the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform and was announced to be one of the most in-demand technologies in 2023. In Australia developers with React.js skills earn on average AU$79,000 and national maximum is AU$150,000. The average pay ranges from about $46,500 which suggests that regardless of location.

    Tech Education

    Evidently, it is most costly to hire front end developers from the United States, while you can save more if you were to hire front end developers from Ukraine. In addition to salaries varying by location, outstaffing salaries also vary based on the specialist technology being used. For instance, remote front end Django developer salary will tend to be noticeably different from remote Rails developer salary. In addition, experienced programmer rates will be higher than salary for starting remote programmer candidates. However, you should be experienced in recruiting in the labour market(s) you plan to hire from. You should be experienced in recruiting software development and tech specialists specifically.

    These companies offer a wide range of IT outsourcing services, including software development, web design, and mobile app development. The IT market in Romania is comprised of over 21,847 companies, which represents an increase of 60%. For highly skilled Unity developers, there is no problem finding good teams, well-paying positions or fun projects.

    Key factors in Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison

    Lots of the top software development companies in Eastern Europe are located in Ukraine and have offices all around the world. Eastern European tech specialists can fulfill any technical need, including web and mobile app development, big data, cloud computing, AR, VR, and more. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also rapidly growing areas of expertise in Eastern Europe, with an increasing number of companies specializing in these fields.

    eastern europe software engineer salary

    Opting for professional IT services offered by Eastern European computer programmers is highly advantageous due to their fluency in English and location within a more favourable time zone. Additionally, their services come at a significantly lower cost when compared to the pricing in the United States and Western Europe. Full-stack developers who can develop for the cloud and work with Redis or React are the best-paid in their field, javascript developer salary earning an average of $ per hour. For front-end developers, expertise in React charge is $105 for their work. Junior developers charge approximately $3-5 per hour, middle experienced ones could ask around $7-10 for their work and seniors charge around $8-13 per their work. Canada as a wealthy country provides a lot of tech gurus as it is a great place for high-quality education, professional courses and the latest technologies.


    This article provides the common salary ranges for junior, mid-level, and senior software engineers in many countries. You may have heard of the six-figure software engineer salaries, some of which have only 1 to 2 years of experience. Such average total compensation amounts up to a range of USD$120,000 to $170,000 every year, including the base salary, cash bonuses, and stocks. However, these eyebrow-raising numbers are not representative of the majority of software engineer jobs worldwide. Most of these packages are offered by Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley, a segment of the global technology talent pool. Not only experience but also geographical location are two factors that affect software engineer salaries.

    eastern europe software engineer salary

    In Michigan the average hourly rate for junior IT developers is $25-34, for middle experienced developers is $36-43 and seniors can easily charge $45-54 per hour. As you could notice the hourly rate of software developers in the USA depends on the State as the taxes rate is different. For example, the highest hourly rates among States are in New York, California, and Los Angeles. A software engineer who has at least 10 years of experience in both technical and management roles may earn the following as a director of engineering. It should be noted, however, that the range for which you might expect to get paid as a director of engineering can vary widely. Once you have reach this level, salary becomes more linked to the size of company and team whom you will be leading.

    Exploring the Extended Team Model: Unleashing Collaboration for Success

    A starting salary for an entry level software developer in these cities is around $60,000. Skill Value Report (2019) analyzed +550 technical assessments to determine the top regions to hire software developers. Collaboration with a software development company in Europe can bring you numerous opportunities and benefits.

    Because you cannot meet face to face, you must ensure that every
    detail is covered and that your team understands exactly what you want. As a
    result, you should look for a team with at least an intermediate level of
    English. It’s always up to you to decide whether to work with a small boutique
    agency or a global company. Still, make sure you’ve discussed the rates
    and price project in advance. Hire an offshore dedicated team or a few team members for your project. Developer experience has yet the most value in hiring a skilled person and in paying for the person’s professionalism.

    What is Europe’s software engineer hourly rate?

    Although its size makes Germany an interesting market, many companies are not interested in cooperation with German software developers as they charge quite a lot. Junior software developers in Mexico charge around $2-5 per hour, middle software developers will charge $6-8 and a seniors rate per hour will be around $10-15. For junior developers hourly rate is $19-30, for middle ones – $32-42 and seniors can charge $45-51 per hour.

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