Plant it the Interio Rabbit Way

    Interio Rabbit Chronicles / May 20, 2022
    Plant it the Interio Rabbit Way

    Indoor plants are the simplest way to boost the oomph in your home decor all year through. Green elements inside your home enhance the indoors effortlessly and are an easy addition to brighten the mood of any space. You can pot them or lay them out to creep – they look absolutely stunning and provide   visual relief, refreshing the eyes and internal mood.  Flowering plants are more like a pulsating retreat when you wake up to them.

    Most architects and interior designers from across the globe are constantly turning to greener ideas to make their designs breathable. Plants and flowers give any space an organic environment and blend into the ambience of that space. A slice of nature inside the home replenishes our peace of mind.

    A few plant enthusiasts feel that having indoor plants make way for pests and insects. However, that is not true, since these plants require minimum sunlight and lower humidity, the chances of attracting pests are low. However, a few flowering plants do need a little bit of maintenance.

    Some common indoor plants are:

    • Aglaonema- Symbolizing long life, the Aglaonema is a beautiful bright option
      that remains relatively small. It does not require much light and does not grow too quickly making it a great manageable option for a bedside or kitchen bench top.
    • Aspidistra- An extremely low maintenance option that almost completely looks after itself. A native to Taiwan, China, Japan and the Eastern Himalayas, the ‘Cast-Iron Plant’ is almost indestructible, making it a fantastic set-and-forget option.
    • Dracaenas- This plant with a  Greek name which means  ‘female dragon,’ is an exciting ornamental houseplant that does have the capacity to grow to a considerable size of about three feet indoors. Let the ‘female dragon’ steal the show on the dining table as an engaging display piece!
    • Succulents- Succulents have become very popular within the home. Their thick leaves allow them to survive extended periods by relying on stored water and nutrients. Their survival technique doubles as a beautiful aesthetic feature, as their leaves tend to ‘blush’ and change color depending on the amount of sunlight they receive.

    Pot them, bottle them or you can even look at racking plants using some raw wood shelving systems. It is very important to place your indoor plants in the most creative way possible. For example, Devil’s Ivy (Money Plant) placed in wine bottles with a dash of led lighting can create a soothing environment during home parties and smaller gatherings.

    Try these tips the next time you want to recreate some organic plant magic inside your home. Plants add an exciting, refreshing, and inviting vibe within your living spaces, while lowering stress and creating cleaner air within your home.

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